Thursday, October 07, 2010

Outside the Fifth Congressional race, this is a boring Fall for SC

This is perhaps the most boring Fall election in South Carolina history. A good many statewide offices are uncontested, the contested races have not caught the public’s attention. Let’s take a look at the reality and how boring this election year really is.

First, there is the Governor’s race. Nikki Haley is perhaps the most controversial nominee the Republican Party has ever nominated for Governor. Sex scandals, business scandals, tax scandals, she has the them all. No one cares. The Democratic nominee State Senator Vincent Sheheen is a decent man, but his campaign is as exciting to the people as watching paint dry. Let’s face it, Nikki Haley has a better chance of being impeached as Governor then being defeated in the Fall.

That brings us to the United States Senate campaign. The media has had to dig up remarks from Jim DeMint from years ago to even try to make this mismatch interesting. Even Democrats are ho hum about their nominee, the no name Alvin Greene with the criminal charges.

The constitutional offices are not much better. Lt. Governor, which is contested by the Democrats is a race no one seems to care about, Secretary of State is uncontested, Adjutant General, Agriculture Commissioner and Treasurer are uncontested as well. In the contested races of Comptroller General and Attorney General, the Republicans seem to have commanding leads. The Superintendent of Education race between Republican Zais and Democrat Holloman seems as exciting as watching two mules fight over a turnip.

There are a handful of local races for State House and County Council and things like that might grab some attention, but the real action is in the United States Congressional races. And, in that, the only action is in the Fifth District.

Despite Joe Wilson’s “you lie” comment, he seems in position to coast to re-election. The First is going to elect a Black Republican it seems. The Third and Fourth only have token Democratic opposition. Jim Clyburn is a lock for re-election in the Sixth.

That brings VUI back to the Fifth District Congressional race. That is the most exciting and interesting race in the state. Longtime incumbent Democrat John Spratt is up against the political wall against Mick Mulvaney. That race is tight and it might determine who controls the United States Congress. Will Spratt’s legend be able to over come Obama and Pelosi? Or is John Spratt just another old Democrat who ran one race too many?

Frankly, the race in the Fifth is the only one that really grabs attention this year. The rest of the major races seem decided already. This is a boring Fall election, and trying to cover it as anything else is just a waste of time.


  1. There are more people each day that believe Clyburn is vunerable. Stay tuned as this race becomes less boring.

  2. Pipe dream!