Friday, October 01, 2010

Sheheen has to show why it is okay to vote for him

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Vincent Sheheen’s campaign has been inept so far.  Maybe they are waiting on timing or something.  But, frankly they need to act now to show that is okay for Republicans to break ranks and vote for Sheheen.

The reasons are clear.  First, Vincent Sheheen is a committed family man with family values, without one hint of marital infidelity that would embarrass the state.  His business dealings are above board and open for the world to see, not couched in family business swaps.  Sheheen is pro-life, that’s right, pro-life.  Further, Sheheen is for government restructuring, if you doubt that look at the legislation he wrote to eliminate the Budget and Control Board. As Governor, Sheheen would have a much better chance of working with the legislature, where he actually has friends, to make that happen.  Haley promises four more years of nothing and anger.

Further, when it comes to education, Sheheen’s reform stances are actually more in line with what those who champion limited and effective government want then Haley’s plan.  Add to that Sheheen does not want to raise taxes, as Haley contends to do with the food sales tax.

Such things are reasons why a conservative can be comfortable in casting a vote for Sheheen.  Why the Sheheen campaign does not highlight that and take the middle ground is beyond VUI.  Sheheen is smartest candidate, he is a candidate with values that will not embarrass the state and if you removed the party labels and just went on resumes, Sheheen is the guy most would want answering the phone if a category 5 hurricane was sitting off the coast.

If the Sheheen campaign is to have a chance in the next month, they must move him away from being a Democrat and towards being the competent independent leader of South Carolina he could be. 


  1. Put a fork in you, McCarty, you are done.

  2. It's too late. Haley is passing the 50% mark, which means that even if all the undecideds break against her, she'll still win.

    Sheheen had time and opportunities, but he threw them away by staying in his political comfort zone, trying to rally Democratic support, which isn't enough to get you elected in good Democratic years, much less this year.

  3. You're wrong Earl. Haley barely hit the 50% mark with heavy GOP leaning Rasmussen doing the polling. Now the Republicans are breaking ranks and calling out Haley, despite the public bullying and threats.

    McCarty is right too. Sheheen has the perfect resume to lead the state and we have to make more realize it. It is happening every day.

    College students need to turn out en masse-Sanford gave them a rallying cry this week with his bone-headed heavy handed move.

    Teachers will turn out to fight Haley.

    Sheheen does not need all of the GOP to support him. He needs his base to turn out and a respectable showing in the GOP-that part is growing daily.

    It is all of our best interests to have an effective Governor, more so than ever before. Haley cannot be that! She would be a disaster for SC.

  4. Haley is for a tax cut

    And get this is against "red tape"

    I mean GOOD GOD man

    You are a REPUBLICAN?

    What more can you want?

  5. We have a video of where she was tied up and gagged by red tape on a hot date. And she says she's against red tape? That's not what WF says.

    By the way, I knew this girl named Nikki, you could say she was a sex freak. I met her in a hotel lobby ...