Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Top 9 reasons to write in Richard B. McCarty for Governor of South Carolina

The VUI staff came up with reasons to write their Editor in for Governor:

9) Free BBQ and beer once a month on the grounds of the Governor’s Mansion

8) McCarty does not like hiking on the Appalachian Trail.

7) McCarty just says “no” to sexual advances from bloggers and lobbyists.

6) McCarty promises that the Friday before the Carolina-Clemson football game will be a paid state holiday.

5) McCarty has actually read the state constitution and will read any bills that come before him. It is called showing up to work, Ms. Haley.

4) Though committed to working with legislators, McCarty will never play “dress up” with Glenn McConnell.

3) McCarty will show up in failing schools unannounced and simply say, “What the Hell are you doing.?”

2) Money means nothing to the man. Haley and Sheheen get paid for their contacts. McCarty has no such desire. The guy would live in a tent if he thought it would help South Carolina.

1) Think how pissed the establishment would be if someone like McCarty got elected. They would go nuts. You want change? You want rebellion? Writing in McCarty would really do that. People would piss their pants.


  1. What started out as a joke has people talking. Good grief.

  2. If next Wednesday, an idiot like you was elected Governor, I would do my duty, find you and exercise my Second Amendment rights on your head. The last thing SC needs is darkie lover like you.

  3. I am writing you in.

  4. Impressive, very impressive!

    The Pink Flamingo

  5. I want to write someone in for Governor, because I'm not happy with Haley--and as someone who has followed the General Assembly for years, Sheheen is a non-starter for me.

    I know you don't tend to dialogue with your commenters, but in order for me to better consider voting for you over Haley, I'd like for you to please write a post explaining what in your opinion makes Haley not a conservative. Is it simply the personal finances and ethical questions that make her not a cnservative, or is it that her platform proposals and vision doe the state not conservative?

    I often hear people say that those like Nikki Haley and Mark Sanford are not real conservatives, but rather libertarians of some sort. Still others say that it's the Sanfords and the Haleys who are the actual conservatives...with people like Bobby Harrell and Gresham Barrett as RINO's.

    Can you explain all of this please?

  6. I am writing in Jenny Sanford, she can't seem to shut up and stay out of the lime-light. I take that back. Gov. McCarty sounds better than another Gov. Sanford any day!

  7. Nikki Randawha rocks AmericaNovember 11, 2010

    You lost, bitch