Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Write in Richard B. McCarty for Governor

VUI recently became aware of a facebook movement by some of its readers to write in "Richard B. McCarty" for Governor. The staff of VUI huddled together in the Honea Path headquarters and determined that I should "go for it." So, I will.

Over the past few years, I have had the privilege of being the editor of the blog known as Voting Under the Influence. Before, that I had the privilege of working in law and politics throughout the state of South Carolina. I have been in every court house in this state and thousands of living rooms.

From that, I have learned that we all have more in common than we have differences. We all want to make life better for ourselves and our children. Most of us struggle to pay our taxes and stay in compliance with all the government regulations, from car taxes to small business taxes, that hold us back. For far too long, hard working men and women look at Democrats and Republicans and find no one who will stand for them.

Well, a write in vote for me is a stand for you. I am an old political hand and I know I have little chance of getting big votes, but a write in vote for me will not be wasted. I will keep this blog running long after Election Day, and I will keep calling it like I see it. The people who make a living everyday need someone standing up for them, and well, it looks like that guy is me.

But, just for laughs, suppose I was to somehow be written into the Governor's office. What would I do? First, I would schedule a meeting with every member of the General Assembly, Democrat or Republican, in my first sixty days in office. Their time would be limited, but in that time, I would listen to what they and the people that elected them are concerned about.

My own agenda would be simple. First, I would push for no one in state government to benefit from their position in state government. That means no consulting fees for the likes of Haley or legal fees for the likes of Sheheen. Further, I would push for all out of state money to be banned from our electoral process. If folks in Florida or New York want to reform their state government or whatever with their dollars, fine, but let them have a real vested interest in South Carolina before their money affects our state government. That is the one way to make sure South Carolinians control their own state government.

There are other issues. I will always support the efforts of the South Carolina Highway Patrol and SLED to keep us safe. I will work to make sure that administrative cuts in the SC Department of Education do not cut the money we spend on school buses and mechanics for those school buses so that the children of our state travel safely to and from school.

Indeed, if God and lightening struck, I would work to reform how we currently fund school districts and work to reduce the administrative overhead at the school district level. To me, teachers and parents come first in education.

That leaves the big elephant in the room: economic development. Over the past eight years, South Carolina has been on what can be called "cruise control" on economic development. Sure, there have been some minor victories, but by and large the Governor and the well paid Department of Commerce staff have oversaw huge job losses.

Simply put, I will not need any Department of Commerce. Everyday that the General Assembly does not need me in Columbia, I will be out selling South Carolina. I know South Carolina inside and out and have a love for it that, frankly, I think would shine through. I would wake up everyday thankful to be the representative of the greatest state in the union.

Of course, all of the above is just a dream. But, if you really want to make a statement and demand someone loyal to you first, go ahead and write in "Richard B. McCarty" for Governor. If you are looking for someone who is always a advocate of South Carolina first, that write in vote will not be wasted.


  1. OMG. You make sense.

  2. You need to hand out pencils like Strom Thurmond did.

  3. Haley RocksOctober 26, 2010

    You are done. This last egoistical stunt of yours is over the top. The Indian Mafia has no mercy, white boy.

  4. Governor McCarty...has a nice ring to it.

  5. If Alvin Greene could win...go for it.

  6. Frank, if McCarty whips out a "pencil", another candidate for Governor might pounce on it.

  7. Amusingly your "candidacy" and the accompanying rationale therefore

    Is a searing indictment of your party and its dominance of state government over the past twenty years

    Since the electorate keeps supporting Republicans to include their airhead candidate for Governor

    One can only conclude that South Carolinians like things just the way they are

    Doesnt bode well for people like you



  8. This has to be a joke. I would not vote for your sorry ass to be dog catcher of Honea Path.

    You are sick, pathetic and your whole family are just a bunch of arrogant darkie loving asses who think they are so good.

    Well, fuck you and your dark skinned friends. You think you are such hot stuff, don't you? Well, you are not. You and your sorry assed little brother are just darkie loving law dogs.

  9. What's a darkie?