Wednesday, November 03, 2010

'Nuff said

We will be breaking down the results and working to hold our new elected officials accountable. But, for now, this picture says it all. What a night for Republicans.


  1. It is a sad night for America, especially the poor and the minorities. This night will be the night that they weep over as you Nazis force poor Hispanics to hide even more and Muslims to be ashamed of their faith. A sad night for America. A very sad night for America. The only bright spot was seeing all those turbans on the heads of Nikki Haley's family at her party and how dark her children look. Maybe she will take down that flag afterall.

  2. Sarah Palin Forever!November 03, 2010

    Once again

    In the biggest Republican night in modern electoral times

    In one of the biggest Republican states in the country

    The Republicans sweep every office

    And McCarty is bragging?

    Once aqain



  3. Nazis were liberals not conservatives. Look it up -
    National Socialist Party

    The fact is that America has elected a black president, the SC-1 elected a black man to congress, and the state elected a women of Indian decent as Governor. It would seem that minorities are doing pretty well.

  4. Sarah Palin Forever!November 05, 2010

    Damn this place is just a fountain of information!

    I didnt know all that about the Nazis!


    The storm troopers will be here any minute!

    God do we need


  5. I had sex with a Democrat...will you please shoot me now.