Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Vote for a Vet

In state elections, it is easy to get lost in the issues of local affairs and the shortcomings of character of those running. But, in Congressional elections, being a Republican is easy. Voting Republican means voting for our vets.

Whatever your feelings about domestic policy, the Obama-Pelosi agenda in regards to our veterans and to our men and women still fighting to keep us safe from terrorists leaves a lot be desired. In the past two years, the military has been served with nothing but insults by the Obama-Pelosi machine. Our military has been told to expect cuts in their and their families' health benefits. They have been told to accept homosexuals openly serving or else. The leftists who back the President and Speaker Pelosi have spent money and time portraying our troops as the bad guys. They even tell us that its okay for Muslims to celebrate the attack on the United States on 9-11 by building a mosque on the site of the attacks.

Now, perhaps Muslims do have the constitutional right to build a mosque there. But, wouldn't it be nice to have leaders that at least say that such is inappropriate. Instead, we have a President who embraces such at a Muslim dinner and Congressional leadership that wants to write laws that make it politically incorrect for our troops to even speak ill of the Muslim extremists that they fight. Heck, Congress even pressured NPR to fire a commentator who said he was uncomfortable being surrounded by devout Muslims on a plane.

That is Obama's America. It is a place in which our military is gutted of its benefits and its morale. It is a place in which political correctness overrides common sense when it comes to securing people. Obama's Secretary of Homeland Security frets over good ole boys having shotguns while she fights Arizona being able to secure its borders.

That is the nonsense that is Obama's America. Domestic stuff can be debated ad nauseam. But, the safety of this country and the men and women who fight to protect it is not up for debate. Whatever you think of Republicans, they will fight for the folks who fight for us. They will be there. That is why, state elections aside, it is important to vote Republican in all federal elections. We need a Republican Congress to hold the President and his band of naive ne'er do wells in check. Consider a vote for a Republican a vote for a vet.


  1. Silly but predictable.

  2. Not Silly, but true. Thank you, Mr. McCarty, for standing up for the veterans.