Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

VUI wishes everyone a great 2011. Thanks for reading and watch out in 2011 as we take on the new powers that be.  We are gonna have some fun.  But, hey, we enjoyed every moment of life so far.  So, taking on the powers that be in 2011 is just what we do. And Mr. President, tax cuts our country ass.

Reagan at 100

During the year 2011, America will mark the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Ronald Reagan.  February 6th, 2011 will mark the 100th Anniversary of the birth of President Ronald Reagan.  As that time comes, VUI will post extensively about Ronald Reagan and about what he meant to America.  For now, we offer this speech, when President Reagan remarked on the loss of the space shuttle astronauts.  It is Reagan at his best.  It is America at its best.  And, it reminds us of a time not so long ago when we had a President that we all could be proud of. 

The crazy political video ad of the year

It is South Carolina.  It is Alvin Greene.  Enough said.  The strangest man to get a major party nomination for a major office offered up the stangest political video ad.  Watch.  Laugh.  Enjoy.  Shake your head.  It is the finest the South Carolina Democratic Party had to offer. 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 9 things not to say on New Year's Eve

9) Nikki, where the Hell did all these people with towels on their heads come from?

8) Hey, ya’ll watch this. Junior is gonna launch my sparkler bomb right from my own hand.

7) Look Uncle Earl, Dick Clark talks like you do.

6) Will you guys put me on You Tube if I launch a bottle rocket from between my butt cheeks?

5) Look at this picture of me, baby.  I got my Alvin Greene going on this New Years Eve.

4) Officer, would you like a swig? It is the good stuff.

3) Come on baby, nobody gets pregnant on New Year’s Eve. It’s a law.

2) Ya'll mind if I pee in the corner here.  Somebody's in the bathroom and its cold outside.

1) Officer, I cannot stand on one foot sober, much less after all I had to drink.

RIP Roger Milliken

South Carolina lost a business giant and a good man today when Roger Milliken passed away.  Milliken was a tough old school businessman who believed that innovation and hard work could please the customers and make money.  It was once the American business way and Milliken was one of those textile giants, such as Springs and Self, that created manufacturing in South Carolina.  May God comfort Milliken's family.  We have lost a giant, 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all the readers of VUI.  Take a moment to be thankful for your friends and family and for whatever blessings that you have.  Also, take a moment to pause and reflect on the birth of Christ and how He changed the world with his teachings and his chance to us all of redemption through salvation.  And, to think such a powerful figure never went to college, wrote a book or owned a business.  He was born in a manger of all places.  The Son of God Himself born humble to be raised by humble parents. It makes you think.  The things that we hold important today: status, money, cars, houses, fine clothing, etc., do not really matter to God.  Think about it.  Merry Christmas, and thank you for reading.  

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The first of our Holiday Season Top 9s

VUI kicks off Christmas week with the Top 9 things you don't want to hear during the Christmas holidays. Here we go:

9) “Hey baby, when’s the last time you got your stocking stuffed on Christmas Eve?”

8) “Sorry about that Santa, but it is deer season.”

7) “Daddy, I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus, and Santa looked a lot like Mark Sanford.”

6) “Come down my chimney you commie fat ass, and you got a 12 gauge pump shotgun waiting on you. I will shoot the red off of your long haired, bearded hippie ass. I got a Tea Party waiting for you.”

5) “Merry Christmas from your wife and her attorney, sir. You have been served.”

4) “Dear little Johnny, next year instead of cookies and milk, could you please leave bourbon and your mom’s oxycotin?” Santa

3) “Officer, I am drunk, but my reindeer are not.”

2) “Just because you name your baby Jesus does not mean I am going to pay you child support.”

1) “But, Santa, that blogger told me being naughty with him was being nice. Besides, South Carolina just elected me Governor. ”

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Top 9 things that are just flat true

9) She is cheating on you if your underwear does not fit.  

8) Nice girls do not have tattoos on their private parts that they offer folks to take a look at. 

7) Very few straight men leave their women home alone to have a two week, all male vacation cruise with a theater theme. 

6) A stripper will be into you until your money runs out. 

5) You can not join a good church after you are dead. 

 4) Life is not a Lifetime or Hallmark movie.  Chances are she will stick with a jerk.  After all, she thinks she can "change him."  So give up and find a sane woman, dude. 

3) A good woman will love you till death do you part.  A bad one makes sure you go first. 

2)You just can't ignore the IRS or a kidney stone. 

1) If you need your ass kicked, just show up and try to use the name of God to disrupt a military funeral in the South.  Ass kicking guaranteed or your money back.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Devil's church at Westboro

Westboro Church claims to be Christian.  But, they do the Devil's work in the evil that they do in protesting at our fallen heroes funerals.  To them, everyone is a "fag" and that justifies their pure Devil inspired hate towards everything good in this world.  Make no mistake, the leaders of Westboro Church are taking their flock down the Devil's path of evil and hate.  They find a reason to hate people at every corner, just as Satan would tell them to.  

In all frankness, the leaders of the Westboro Church would not know Jesus if he walked up and slapped them.  In fact, they would probably call him a "fag" for his love and forgiveness he taught.  

They are little more than the evil that is Islamic extremists.  And, as VUI has asked moderate Muslims to condemn such, we condemn the evil Devil inspired Church of Westboro.  It is not Christian.  It is not American. It is just filled with the Devil's hate.  If you ever doubt that, take a look below at the "Christmas carol" the hate mongers put out below. It makes one think that praying for them is a waste of time. Maybe just need to be ran out of God's House with a whip or cords. 

Pelosi will get hers from you

Outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was a political lightening rod for the Democratic Party as it lost control of the United States House of Representatives.  Indeed, Pelosi’s grandstanding and just egotistical rants led to the Republicans gaining one of the biggest Republican House majorities in history. 

One would think that would end Pelosi’s political career.  It did not.  Pelosi was selected by her fellow Democrats to be the Minority Leader in the next Congress.  Pelosi will be the first former Speaker to take such a position in 58 years, dating back to Sam Rayburn.   From that perch, Pelosi will rake in the public benefits.  As the Minority Leader there will be the normal perks of being a member of Congress plus some other benefits.  Added to that will be Pelosi’s status as a former Speaker of the House, which entitles her to five years of office expenses to take care of, uh hum, “outstanding business.” 

If you doubt what that is worth, take note of former House Speaker Dennis Hastert.  According to the Chicago Tribune around $500,000 a year of taxpayer money is spent on office space, staff and a SUV for Hastert.  You can bet Pelosi will want hers. 

Besides, that is what wealthy progressives like Pelosi do.  They get theirs.  It might come as a shock to the progressives out there, but Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul Pelosi have millions.  They own a sports team.  They own a winery and have big stock in big companies like Apple.  Frankly, if Pelosi really believes that the wealthy should pay more taxes, she ought to write a check above and beyond her tax bill to the United States Treasury.  She can afford it. 

But, instead, Pelosi will keep raking in the public perks.  She is an example of how broke our system really is.  The American people, through House elections, chose to no longer have Pelosi as the Speaker of the House, but it appears Pelosi’s “service” to our country will cost the taxpayers more than ever.  Even more disgusting is how someone like Pelosi, with considerable means, rails against capitalism and business, but is all too eager to take benefits from the public that she does not need and dare care call it “service.”  But, rest assured, the lady will not go.  She will get hers and it will be from you. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Top 9 signs that you might not be in your right mind

9) You tell the state trooper that pulled you over for speeding that you will “whoop” his ass if he writes you a ticket.  You dare him to. 

8) At 3AM, after a night of drinking, you decide now is the right time, ordained by God Himself, for you to call up that girl or guy from 15 years ago that you should have ended up with. God Himself will help you impress them with your call.  You actually pray their spouse does not answer.

7) You block someone from viewing your Facebook page and then spend the next two weeks posting about that person you blocked. You showed him, girl! At least some of your dimmer friends will "like" your comments.

6) You call the cops to report that someone sold you some “bad weed.”

5) You don’t understand why the IRS will not allow you to count your 26 cats as dependents.  Those bastards!

4) Your estranged wife moves in with a guy ten years younger than her named Hernando, and you tell your buddies, “She is just pouting.  She’ll be back.”  Yeah. Okay.

3) You engage in “Moped Sex.”  That is the person you were with gave you a fun ride, but you would be ashamed to be seen with them.

2) You are the reason that the local liquor store placed a “no pants, no service” sign on its door. VUI is guessing that happened a few hours after #8 did not work out so well.

1) You thought you were dreaming about walking around an Anderson Wal-Mart butt naked trying to shoplift some underwear, then reality hit when some deputies tazed you to the cold floor.

Who needs enemies when the President has friends like Nancy Pelosi and her ilk?

The Democratic leadership in the United House are bitter.  The American people showed many of them the door in November.  To many Democrats, that was a sign of ignorance of the people not knowing their betters.  

Make no mistake about it, while there are Republicans opposed to the the deal the President cut with Senate Republicans to extend the Bush tax cuts on principle, the Democrats in Congress balking at the President's deal are doing so for personal reasons.  
Outgoing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and other House Democrats are bitter at the President.  They think that he cost them their power and in Pelosi's case, her nice plane, what we dubbed "Air Force Three."  Further, from the start Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid treated President Obama like he was a usurper to their power in Washington.  Some say it is because of the President's race.  Others contend it is his outsider nature.  Whatever the reason, President Obama commands the least respect of his party in Congress since Jimmy Carter.  In fact, Jimmy Carter might have had more respect.  Perhaps one has to go back to the weak Presidents of the United States during the second half of the 19th Century to find a President so disrespected by his own party's Congressional leadership.  Chester Arthur comes to mind.  Arthur was the last sitting President of the United States not renominated by his party. 

Are things that bad for President Obama?  Perhaps.  The irony is that the right wing that the people in the Obama Administration so feared is not going to be the factor that ruins the Obama Administration.  It appears its going to be angry and bitter and dare we say, racist Leftists.  Why racist?  It's simple.  Liberal, wealthy white members of the outgoing Congress seem angry that the Black President did not do what his" betters "wanted.  

Don't get VUI wrong, there are a lot things that this blog disagrees with President Obama on.  But, he is the President of the United States,and was duly elected to that job.  What should make people pause is that conservatives like those of us at VUI give President Obama more respect than his so called friends in Congress.  

Indeed, the past couple of days have illustrated the egotistical and selfish nature of those on the Left in the United States Congress.  They want your taxes to go up for two reasons.  First, they think they could spend your money better than you.  Second, they want to punish you for having the audacity not to vote for them.  And, apparently, they really seem to not care what that "articulate young black man" in the White House thinks about it.  Republicans need to just sit back and watch the circus. Obama's friends are doing far more to prevent his second term than the GOP ever could.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

The President cuts a deal

The President of the United States cut a deal with some Republicans to extend the Bush tax cuts for two years and extend unemployment benefits for thirteen months.  Far leftists are howling in pain over the deal that the President made.  Conservatives such as Senator Jim DeMint, a guy that VUI likes, are backing away because the deal is not permanent.  

The President's remarks were compromising and attacking at the same time.  Fair enough.  The President is speaking out both sides of his mouth and that criticism is legitimate.  

But, there is a larger issue.  The country is still in economic crisis.  A tax increase would cripple any hopes of recovery in the next two years.  So, to the President's credit, he saw the situation and cut a deal.  He understands that stopping the biggest tax increase in history will grow the economy.  In some ways, the deal he cut was his finest moment as President.  

Of course, the hardcore left and right do not like any compromise or any deal.  That is their nature.  And, with all respect to Senator DeMint, a United States Senator can be radical, but the President of the United States cannot be.  That is something that the President learned after two hard years of trying to do otherwise.  

Democrats who abandon the President are foolish.  With the mood of the American people, this is the best deal that the Democrats could get.  And, frankly, with the President's power to veto, this is the best deal for the next two years the Republicans can get.  

That said, the President did go about this all wrong.  First, he did not line up his party's votes before making the deal.  Second, his press conference was short on compromise and long on fighting in the future.  That alienates Republicans.  

But, the hard cold truth is the tax deal between the President and Republican leaders is the best deal both sides can get.  To his credit, the President's compromise was one that seems to most Americans as an effort to get the work done for the country.  If Republicans sink the deal, then they will be saddled with tax increases on the American people. 

The President made a bold move.  Whatever his intentions, the President's deal changed the game.  If the Republicans play hardball and kill the deal, taxes go up on the American people and the President can stand and say it is their fault.  The egos of the far left and far right will be heard from.  They will dance their dance and the President will find himself the champion of the American people if those on the right and left play their hand too far.  

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

We must have leaders who serve the people, not play games to make the people serve them

Politics is to a good many people a game.  Political operatives and officer holders often tout their ability to outwit their opponents in gamesmanship.  Fair enough.  Competition of ideas is what the American system of government is all about.  Like the free market of business, the free market of political ideas supposedly allows people to spell out their ideas in the free political market and let the people decide which ideas are best to govern them.  

That is the ideal.  But, we have moved away from that ideal.  Far too often, political operatives and office holders in both parties think of "the game" first, and the ideas and the people end up down the list.  Far too many operatives want to have the reputation of winning at all costs that can gain them big money, and far too many office holders, from the President of the United States down to small town councils want to jockey to hold on to their power and perks.  The increasingly higher costs of political campaigns, at all levels, feeds the gamesmanship.  It creates a disgusting situation.  

Highly paid political operatives tell elected officials what people want to hear to keep them in office.  Lobbyists with special interests in mind line up campaign contributions to make sure that pet candidates for office have the money to pay the political operatives and craft slick campaigns to stay in office.  Though there is often no direct connection, big businesses, labor unions and other interests that pay the lobbyists and write campaign checks often find their pet issues somehow championed by elected officials.  The result is big government Republicans and big business Democrats, and a nation that has government at all levels being broken.  

We simply cannot afford the gamesmanship anymore.  We compete, at all levels of economic life, in a global economy.  We can not compete in that global economy if we are hamstrung by the defacto corruption of political paybacks and gamesmanship.   We need political office holders and activists who actually believe that they are public servants.  Serving in public office ought to be something someone does to serve the people around them, not spend the public money to serve interests that will keep the public servant in power or enrich them later.  

Indeed, we are far cry from our founding fathers.  The men who signed the Declaration of Independence all ended up losing a good part of whatever fortunes that they had made in life.  Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence, Secretary of State, Vice President and President of the United States, died bankrupt.  George Washington, the "Father" of our country, died owning Mount Vernon, but only because his wife got it from her family.  

In today's politics, bloggers and activists would call those men fools.  In today's politics, a politician often serves in office for a little while, has great perks in office, and then leaves office to take some consulting or lobbying job that makes them rich.  Whether or not your kid has good teachers or you can pay your health insurance really never crosses their minds.  They will give you lip service, but that lip service often comes from the carefully crafted "message" created by the political operatives.  Indeed, far too many elected officials unofficially look at donor lists when a constituent calls looking for help.  

That is the political system today.  Republicans will talk conservative values and then work to have government make sure their supporters get theirs.  Democrats talk social justice but line up to protect big unions against the interesting of the working man and woman.  Even at the local level, far too many elected officials use their positions to get better jobs in the private sector or broker things like real estate deals.  

It is a disgusting mess that has about bankrupted this country and state.  The real problem is that we the people are to blame more than we want to admit.  Sure, the politicos are by and large legally corrupt, but we let them be that way.  We don't dig or probe who is trying to feather their own nest.  Instead we worry about American Idol and sports and whether or not Taylor Swift is going to get married.  When elections come around, politicians of both parties talk about our knee jerk biases to get our votes.  Americans and South Carolinians will search out the best Christmas bargains, but seem to just ignore what is done with a third of their incomes with government.  

We are in serious times.  It is time we stopped not caring.  Whether you are Republican, Democrat or Independent, it is time you demand your elected officials to be public servants, not people who spend government money and power to feather their own nests.  If we are to awaken the American economic giant to compete in the global economy, we must not be distracted by the gamesmanship of those who wish us to look away from what is going on.  We must have leaders who serve the people, not play games to make the people serve them.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Go Gamecocks! Beat Auburn!

I can not claim to be a lifelong Gamecock Fan.  I grew up in a Clemson home.  But, for the past 20 years, I have been a Gamecock.  I have sat in the student section and in the Gamecock Club section.  I sat through some sorry football.  The Brad Scott years come to mind.  Then, Lou Holtz's first year, 0-11, which featured a game against Vandy when South Carolina snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory.   I endeared the wrath from family and friends who wear the orange. 

Through all that I stayed true to the Gamecocks.  The losses that should have never happened.  The big wins out of nowhere that gave us hope.  This year, though not the Black Magic Year of 1984, is perhaps the most special year for a Gamecock like me.  We beat Georgia down, beat Alabama, whipped Florida and Tennessee and handed Clemson their hats.  

Now, the biggest game in our Gamecock lives is before us.  That old guy with the visor did what he said he would do: get the Gamecocks in a position to win a championship.  ESPN and other sports outlets have posted story after story.  It is hard to top what they have put out there.  

But, as Gamecock, I say to the Gamecocks, go win this.  Win it for all those fans who sat through the tough years and stayed loyal.  Win it for those players who played through the tough years.  Win it for the state of South Carolina.  Go out there in the Georgia Dome and play with pride and gumption and go get the job done.  

Go Gamecocks!  Beat Auburn.  Even some Clemson fans are pulling for you today.  You are South Carolina today, Gamecocks. Make us proud.  Beat Auburn!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Declaration of Independence

Twenty years passes so fast.  Twenty years ago, as a young college student at Lander, I was a political animal. What I am going to share is not bragging, but it is an attempt to give you and idea of where I come from.  I was an officer for the College Republicans and I worked with, of all things, the Ray Haskett for Congress campaign, among others.  I served as Chairman of the Lander College Republicans in the Fall of 1992 and worked as a volunteer for Bush-Quayle.  I will be always grateful to President Bush for giving my then 8 year old brother a Presidential pen when President Bush came to Spartanburg. 

In 1994, as a law student at South Carolina, I got a full baptism in statewide politics working for Bob Peeler for Lt. Governor.  I am proud that I worked for Bob Peeler.  He was a good man to work for, and his brother Harvey and the rest of the Peeler family were great people for me and my family to be around.  I would not trade that experience for any amount of money. 

In 1996, I busted my behind putting up signs and working for Senator Strom Thurmond’s last campaign.  I am proud of that.  When Senator Thurmond marked being then the longest serving Senator in Johnston, it made my day that he knew my name and greeted me accordingly in front of my dad.  I also volunteered for a Republican state senate campaign in the upstate. 

In 1998, I had a real job with a law firm.  But, I volunteered as a consultant for then State Representative Ronny Townsend, and in the fall, I used all my vacation time to help Bob Peeler’s re-election campaign.  In 2000, I had the honor of working for Joe Wilson’s law firm and volunteering on Floyd Spence’s last campaign. 

I will spare you anymore.  Most readers are smart enough to get the point.  I worked my behind off for Republicans before many of the self professed “real Republicans” could find South Carolina on a map of the United States.  But, now I am a RINO. 

Yep, the guy who has spent every day of his adult life being a Republican is not a Republican anymore according to the “real Republicans.”  Howard Rich paid consultants and tea partiers and folks in it for the money have made it clear that RINOs like me are no longer welcomed in “their” party.  The truth be told if Carroll Campbell was still alive, they would call him a RINO. 

The ignorance is frustrating for anyone with a working brain.  People tout the constitution, but have never read it.  People believe the bull manure that President Obama, whose policies I disagree with, was born in Africa.  People who are so hardcore for Christian values love the fact that a defacto Sikh with a checkered personal life and a flimsy work history was elected Governor.  Twenty years ago, working against the one party state that was Democrat was honorable.  Today, we have the same one party state, with people blindly supporting whatever has the Republican label. 

But, the Republican Party of South Carolina today is not the party of Thurmond, Campbell, Reagan or Goldwater. Is the party of Rich.  Howard Rich will enter his ninth year in the Governor’s office in January.  For the past eight years, he had the rather pathetic Mark Sanford as his stooge, now he has an equally weak Nikki Haley.  Despite Haley tapping former House Speaker David Wilkins to head the transition, the minions around her have already started alienating her from the members of the General Assembly  Bless their hearts, they are full of themselves and they want to purge the GOP of old guys like me.  The message is clear.  If you don’t walk goose step with them, you are not worthy.

Well, perhaps I will give them what they want.  I wash my hands of the Republican Party.  I will still be conservative, but from now on I will be Independent.  Anyone with a working brain and any sense of self respect could not do otherwise.  I know too many people who work hard for their livings and who live real lives to be a part of the bull manure any longer. Some friends said that will end any political aspirations I might have.  Whatever.  Believe it or not, I can live without such things.  But, I can not live with looking family members who serve this state and nation in the eye while being a part of the bull manure that is Haley land.  I will have no part of that.  I, and the VUI blog are now independent.  There will be no holds barred.