Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Devil's church at Westboro

Westboro Church claims to be Christian.  But, they do the Devil's work in the evil that they do in protesting at our fallen heroes funerals.  To them, everyone is a "fag" and that justifies their pure Devil inspired hate towards everything good in this world.  Make no mistake, the leaders of Westboro Church are taking their flock down the Devil's path of evil and hate.  They find a reason to hate people at every corner, just as Satan would tell them to.  

In all frankness, the leaders of the Westboro Church would not know Jesus if he walked up and slapped them.  In fact, they would probably call him a "fag" for his love and forgiveness he taught.  

They are little more than the evil that is Islamic extremists.  And, as VUI has asked moderate Muslims to condemn such, we condemn the evil Devil inspired Church of Westboro.  It is not Christian.  It is not American. It is just filled with the Devil's hate.  If you ever doubt that, take a look below at the "Christmas carol" the hate mongers put out below. It makes one think that praying for them is a waste of time. Maybe just need to be ran out of God's House with a whip or cords. 


  1. Wait a minute, Nikki Haley says her fellow Sikhs see Santa as a communist.

  2. God hates all fagsDecember 18, 2010

    I come across this on an internet search and I say you love fags. You must be a fag. Only a fag would stand against what we are doing at Westboro. Are a boy raping priest faggot man boy lover? You shall burn in HEll, faggot lover. I bet you love Santa Fag. Burn in Hell. God hates you, fag lover.

  3. What a great Christmas Song. Jesus was a fag. God hates all fags. Hide behind Christmas all you want fag lovers.

  4. God hates people who hate fags and who call others fag lovers. And it ain't exactly Christian to spew ignorant hateful messages in the name of God.

  5. This bunch at westbro sound a right load of .arseholes the latest crap is they are going to picket at Liz Taylors funeral. If you ask me the whole Phelps family and thier ilk should have been drowned at birth. I have a better chance at being the next pope than they have of being Christians.
    Why can't people realise that there is a lot worse things on earth than being gay, life is too bloody short, they should get a life.