Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pelosi will get hers from you

Outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was a political lightening rod for the Democratic Party as it lost control of the United States House of Representatives.  Indeed, Pelosi’s grandstanding and just egotistical rants led to the Republicans gaining one of the biggest Republican House majorities in history. 

One would think that would end Pelosi’s political career.  It did not.  Pelosi was selected by her fellow Democrats to be the Minority Leader in the next Congress.  Pelosi will be the first former Speaker to take such a position in 58 years, dating back to Sam Rayburn.   From that perch, Pelosi will rake in the public benefits.  As the Minority Leader there will be the normal perks of being a member of Congress plus some other benefits.  Added to that will be Pelosi’s status as a former Speaker of the House, which entitles her to five years of office expenses to take care of, uh hum, “outstanding business.” 

If you doubt what that is worth, take note of former House Speaker Dennis Hastert.  According to the Chicago Tribune around $500,000 a year of taxpayer money is spent on office space, staff and a SUV for Hastert.  You can bet Pelosi will want hers. 

Besides, that is what wealthy progressives like Pelosi do.  They get theirs.  It might come as a shock to the progressives out there, but Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul Pelosi have millions.  They own a sports team.  They own a winery and have big stock in big companies like Apple.  Frankly, if Pelosi really believes that the wealthy should pay more taxes, she ought to write a check above and beyond her tax bill to the United States Treasury.  She can afford it. 

But, instead, Pelosi will keep raking in the public perks.  She is an example of how broke our system really is.  The American people, through House elections, chose to no longer have Pelosi as the Speaker of the House, but it appears Pelosi’s “service” to our country will cost the taxpayers more than ever.  Even more disgusting is how someone like Pelosi, with considerable means, rails against capitalism and business, but is all too eager to take benefits from the public that she does not need and dare care call it “service.”  But, rest assured, the lady will not go.  She will get hers and it will be from you. 


  1. what do have against strong and rich women?

  2. God hates fags and those like you who love fags.

  3. if Pelosi had actually done any type of improper spending, don't you think we'd have known it by now? I'm glad you point out the idiotic and lavish spending of her GOP predecessor, but she hasn't done any of the kind; if she were of such inclination, we'd have known it by now. she's already on record for spending much less than her predecessor, too - even let him keep the same office space that she was entitled, too, btw, and which he whined about possibly losing because he didn't want a smaller office. And, yes, we progressives actually do know what status she and her husband have - after all, she's legally required to release that information. also, the funds you allude she'll be entitled to are NOT for any personal expenses - only for completion of congressional responsibilities.

  4. and where did you get that doctored-up photo, btw? well, i guess if you'll make up junk about her, you probably don't care about posting sources for the altered pic, either.