Friday, December 10, 2010

Who needs enemies when the President has friends like Nancy Pelosi and her ilk?

The Democratic leadership in the United House are bitter.  The American people showed many of them the door in November.  To many Democrats, that was a sign of ignorance of the people not knowing their betters.  

Make no mistake about it, while there are Republicans opposed to the the deal the President cut with Senate Republicans to extend the Bush tax cuts on principle, the Democrats in Congress balking at the President's deal are doing so for personal reasons.  
Outgoing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and other House Democrats are bitter at the President.  They think that he cost them their power and in Pelosi's case, her nice plane, what we dubbed "Air Force Three."  Further, from the start Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid treated President Obama like he was a usurper to their power in Washington.  Some say it is because of the President's race.  Others contend it is his outsider nature.  Whatever the reason, President Obama commands the least respect of his party in Congress since Jimmy Carter.  In fact, Jimmy Carter might have had more respect.  Perhaps one has to go back to the weak Presidents of the United States during the second half of the 19th Century to find a President so disrespected by his own party's Congressional leadership.  Chester Arthur comes to mind.  Arthur was the last sitting President of the United States not renominated by his party. 

Are things that bad for President Obama?  Perhaps.  The irony is that the right wing that the people in the Obama Administration so feared is not going to be the factor that ruins the Obama Administration.  It appears its going to be angry and bitter and dare we say, racist Leftists.  Why racist?  It's simple.  Liberal, wealthy white members of the outgoing Congress seem angry that the Black President did not do what his" betters "wanted.  

Don't get VUI wrong, there are a lot things that this blog disagrees with President Obama on.  But, he is the President of the United States,and was duly elected to that job.  What should make people pause is that conservatives like those of us at VUI give President Obama more respect than his so called friends in Congress.  

Indeed, the past couple of days have illustrated the egotistical and selfish nature of those on the Left in the United States Congress.  They want your taxes to go up for two reasons.  First, they think they could spend your money better than you.  Second, they want to punish you for having the audacity not to vote for them.  And, apparently, they really seem to not care what that "articulate young black man" in the White House thinks about it.  Republicans need to just sit back and watch the circus. Obama's friends are doing far more to prevent his second term than the GOP ever could.

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