Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dr. King

The holiday marking the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is not just a day off in January.  It marks the life of a great man.  Dr. King was man who made America better.  He challenged us to allow all to share in the American Dream.  Dr. King had the courage to stand up against evil to stand for freedom.  

So many of us now forget how hard it was for our Black friends to just be men and women back then.  We take such for granted now. That is because of the courage of Dr. King.  He stood up and said no more to Jim Crow and racism.  Dr. King demanded equal rights and dignity for people who looked like him.  

But, let us not forget, just a few decades ago, people that we now call friends, eat with and work with were cast to the side when it came to having basic human rights.  It might seem silly to some now, but pure racism made folks eat separate, live separate, and even find different toilets.  Dr. King's courageous acts changed that and changed us all for the better.  Dr. King's courage was rooted in peaceful protest rooted in the teachings of Christ. 

Therefore it is fitting that America has a holiday honoring such a freedom fighter.  And, that is why those educrats in Rock Hill, SC, and other places who think that since it snowed last week that the Martin Luther King holiday can be ignored are just damn ignorant.  Every and each year, we must honor Dr. King.  Not for him, but for us.  We must be a people proud of such a man who fought for freedom and dignity with the armor of God and peace.  


  1. Wow. I am shocked. A RINO liberal like you likes someone like Martin Luther Commie King. What's next, you writing something saying Obama was really born in America. You are a liberal black loving joke. Ron Wilson had you pegged years ago.

  2. Stan the ManJanuary 15, 2011

    I hear you Bill, Anderson County does not need anymore Black lovers like Brian McCarty. We can do just fine without him, thank you very much.

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