Sunday, January 02, 2011

Reagan at the Berlin Wall

People tend to forget the Cold War and the threat of the Soviets that America lived with until Reagan beat them with his words and ideas of freedom.  This was one of Reagan's greatest speeches, when he stood at the Berlin Wall, something that young people today don't even know about, and said, tear it down.  Reagan had the ideas and the guts to build up America's strength and make the Soviets yield.  He saw America as the good guys, and convinced the world of the same.  What he would do today, who knows.  But, one thing is clear, Reagan crystallized the American ideal of freedom.  Enjoy the speech. 


  1. His key point was that we remained strong, forcing the Soviets to change course. The opposite is being done today. The military and countries World power standing is being dismantled, physically and mentally because of the liberal and socialist presidential "leadership."

  2. Greene is the ManJanuary 02, 2011

    Ronald Reagan was a racist. Alvin Greene is a much better man.