Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Real Health Care Reform starts with true openess about the market

We Conservatives tell folks that free market approaches to health care in America will solve the problem. We are correct, if that market is open.  Now it is not.  People who have a medical procedure done often do not know what it costs or what their insurance privoder pays for such costs until after the fact.  If there is a reform needed in the American health care system it is openess in pricing and effectiveness so that people can make a real free market choice. 

Think on it.  We live in a society in which Amazon. com offers us hundreds of HD TV choices and comments from users.  We have a society in which Burger King and McDonalds have not only shown the prices for their sandwiches, but the nutrional values.  But, when it comes to the health care, we are in the blind.  How can we make a free market choice without the information?

Think on it, the last time you were in Burger King, the price was right there before you, with the nutrional information.  But, when your doctor told you that you needed a knee replacement or a stint, the costs were not open, the success rates at that faclity were not open and you just had to go ahead or stay unhealthy. 

So here's a real idea for true free market health are reform. Let the prices of health care be known at various failicities.  Let their success rates be known.  Let those who are not in need of urgent care make a really informed market choice.  The real problem most Americans face is not with insurance coverage; it is with costs.  Let the people have an informed choice.  Afterall, we demand such of hamburgers,  and you would think we would with health care. 

And, for those who are afraid of such and talk about blah, blah blah, what are they afraid of? We can non longer allow lobbyists to make the market uniformed and uncompetitve.   Either we have a free and informed market of health care choices or we don't.  If we don't God help us.  We are headed to socialized medicine.  For, it is better than a monopoly of people afraid to be in open competition.

That is not how a free market functions.

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