Monday, January 24, 2011

Standing up for Governor Haley

There is a lot to not like about Governor Nikki Haley.  She talks about openness and sunshine, but held back her own emails in regards to the blogger sex scandal and skirted questions about her job at Lexington Medical Center after being elected to the SC House and her "consulting" fees paid to her by Wilbur Smith.  The Governor seems like a woman hellbent on making others live up to a openness standard that she herself is not willing to live up to.  On those issues, people who attack her are on fair ground.  

Where they are not on fair ground is when they attack the Governor of South Carolina for speaking out in defense of our laws insuring people have a right to work.  According to published reports, Governor Haley is being sued by the International Association of Machinists, an union outfit backed by the AFL-CIO, for her remarks defending people's right to work in regards to the Boeing project in the Charleston area.  The big labor syndicate is trying to silence the voice of the Governor of South Carolina through court action.  It seems their brand of intimidation has changed from guys with picker sticks disrupting small mill town life into folks with briefcases and big fees suing an elected official for speaking her mind.  

There is a lot not to like about Governor Haley.  But, she is our Governor and she was elected by the people of this state.  People suing her for speaking her mind on the issues is just flat unacceptable.  Further, the right to work is one of the most basic freedoms a man or woman has.  

In South Carolina, we believe and put into law the notion that a person has a right to go to work.  They do not have to give a cut to some union boss to work for their living.  In South Carolina, we believe in the freedom of a man or woman to work for an employer on their own.  We think people are smart enough to know what is is best for them and their families and to know how to contract with an employer for an honest day's pay for an honest day's work, without giving a cut to some union boss.  We in South Carolina just do not need some middle man to pay to get us to work.  

Such has happened before.  In the hard times of the 1930s, big union bosses were hungry for money, and turned to the textile industry in South Carolina and other parts of the South for dues.  They created so called "flying squadrons" of angry union folks who went to small towns with textile plants to disrupt order in those small towns to get textile plants unionized.  The effort failed, and made South Carolina workers more anti-union than ever.  Whatever our faults, South Carolinians just do not like to be bullied.  

Now, the bullying is not physical, it is legal.  Big labor bosses are trying to sue our Governor to make her silent on her beliefs for the right of people to work on their own.  Fair enough, I guess.  But such things makes VUI, who otherwise would criticize the Governor, stand up for her.  Nikki Haley is the duly elected Governor of South Carolina.  She is our Governor.  Governor Haley leads a people who don't want to give a cut of their paychecks to big union bosses. And, those union bosses should know one thing.  Be it through ball bats or briefcases, trying to bully South Carolina or its Governor will not work.  Even those of us who don't really care for the Governor, will stand up for her against the likes of you.  You can bank on that.  

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