Thursday, February 03, 2011

Huntsman for President?

Some folks will ask who in the Hell is Jon Huntsman?  Well, you might want to take a moment to get to know him.  Because we at VUI think is going to run for President of the United States.  Huntsman was, until yesterday, the Ambassador of the United States to China.  He resigned that position, and with his resume and background, watch out.

Jon Huntsman is the son of a billionaire who formed the Huntsman Corporation, a business that has holdings, business dealings, and charitable ties that reach throughout the country.  Huntsman himself is a more traditional Republican, with ties to business and international experience.

Huntsman worked in the Reagan White House at a young age, then in his early thirties, was made Ambassador to Singapore by President Bush the Elder. Bush the Younger made Huntsman an assistant United States Trade Representative.  Huntsman left that office to be elected Governor of Utah in 2004 and was overwhelmingly re-elected to that post in 2008, having various groups cite him as one of the most effective Governors in the United States.

Huntsman resigned as Governor of Utah in 2009 to take the call of President Obama to be the United States Ambassador to China.  On that job, Huntsman has also received praise from various sources.  Huntsman’s resignation from that post sets about speculation that he is running for the Republican nomination for President.

With his resume and big money ties, he would be a lot more formidable than people think.  The man has charisma as well.  Huntsman is no “Tea Party” guy and could challenge Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty very hard for the establishment, mainstream Republican primary vote.  Further, as President Obama appointed him to be Ambassador to China, if Huntsman somehow got the nomination, the President and his people would be very limited in how they could attack him.  Huntsman’s Morman faith could be an issue, but Romney faces the same.

Indeed, if Huntsman runs, it could set up a showdown for the control of the Republican Party.  Will the party primary voters back a man like him, with money, a resume, and a knowledge of how the real world works in international matters, or will they go for someone like Sarah Palin or another like her, who is mad as Hell and whose inexperience is something that they run on?  Who knows?  One thing is for sure, all those interested in the 2012 Presidential elections ought to keep an eye on Jon Huntsman.  Before you think VUI is crazy, remember back in the summer of 2008, we said watch a then little known Alaska Governor named Palin.

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  1. Sarah Palin Forever!February 22, 2011

    Huntsman probably wont even run.

    If he does he will lose Iowa and New Hampshire

    He wont even make it to SC