Sunday, March 27, 2011

Princess, I mean Governor Haley versus Darla Moore and the world

Meow South Carolina.  You are about to be witness to a great cat fight.  Governor “Princess Nikki” Haley made clear to the world she was in charge of the state of South Carolina, and especially the University of South Carolina, when she “fired” Darla Moore from the Board of Trustees of that university in favor of some Lexington lawyer who gave to the Haley campaign coffers.

Never mind that Darla Moore has donated millions to the University of South Carolina.  Princess Nikki, a Clemson graduate of all things, had to show that “liberal” Darla Moore what is what.  Or at least Princess Nikki’s minions had to.  Princess Nikki rules this land, Ms. Moore.   Whatever the case, Princess Nikki, I mean Governor Haley, removed from the University of South Carolina Board of Trustees the woman who is perhaps the University of South Carolina’s greatest benefactor.

How did Darla Moore respond to the insult from Princess Nikki, I mean Governor Haley?  Moore gave millions more to the University of South Carolina for aerospace education on the condition that it, gulp, get this, is in honor of Ronald McNair, the South Carolina astronaut who was killed in the Challenger accident.

Now that had to send the minions of Princess Nikki into a tizzy fit that is ready for the Jerry Springer show.  McNair was a black man.  The minions around Princess Nikki seem more concerned that the family members of Mr. McNair might vote Democrat than honoring the fact that he was a great man and that a great woman, Darla Moore, chose to honor him so.  And, those folks are getting paid some really big money from the taxpayers to feel that way.  What really has to hit those folks is the class that Darla Moore has.

You know the type who serve our Princess, I mean our Governor. They get paid six figures to tell teachers and highway patrolmen that they make too much.  They call anyone who dares to question their assertions “RINOs” or liberals.  They talk about scorecards for legislators who do not do the bidding of Princess Nikki.  It is their way.

Now, they pick a fight for Clemson graduate Princess Nikki, against a woman who just might have more respect in business circles and around the state then their Princess.  Make no mistake, the firing of Darla Moore from the USC Board was not conservative versus liberal or Republican versus Democrat.  It was about Princess Nikki and her followers showing that they are in charge.  Just as they threaten duly elected servants of the people in the General Assembly, they go after the benefactor of the state’s flagship university for their Princess.

That said, Darla Moore is in good company.  From what VUI has learned, State Treasurer Curtis Loftis, a man who no sane person can call “RINO,”  will soon join Moore in being on the list of politically “untouchables” that our Princess, I mean our Governor, holds.  Wait and see.  


  1. I am very active with the Tea Party in SC. We have heard about the Haley Administration and their efforts to get Loftis. We know they have approached several reporters and bloggers but have been turned down because their complaints are rubbish.

    Curtis Loftis was the only one standing up for us in the Budget and Control Board. Haley voted with Leatherman EVERY time. If she goes after Loftis I can tell you will will be with him, not her!

  2. Loftis ran on transparency and accountbility. I have known him for 30 years and I can tell you he will not stop pounding these themes. The more they come after him the more he will hit those themes.

  3. Haley rocksApril 01, 2011

    Curtis Loftis is the ultimate RINO. He is for big government and for covering up state contracts.