Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Top 9 Signs that you might need to get a life

9) You spend all of your free time trying to prove that President Obama was in fact born in Nigeria and that Joe Biden is the real President.

8) You create a blog to discuss the typo you found in Sarah Palin’s book and how that made you have an affair with Governor Nikki Haley.

7) You try to think how former President Bush caused you to overdraw your checking account. Somehow that SOB is getting a commission on those overdraft fees!

6) You go on Facebook and blast your wife’s ex husband to show what a real man you are.

5) You ask your husband to do such a thing.

4) Your prom date in 1985 did not look at you right at the high school reunion. So, to get even, you blast them online, being sure to block them from reading your comments. You got ‘em!

3) You cannot sleep at night since you found out the mom on Family Ties is gay. Thoughts of her and Justine Bateman (Malorie) just keep racing in your head.

2) You suffer head wounds from your buddy hitting you with a golf club trying to prove what really happened to Tiger Woods.

1) You sit around and spend the time to come up with this Top 9 list.

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