Saturday, April 02, 2011

A good political punch from the Democrats

A good many of old South Carolina Republicans have longed for the days of Carroll Campbell and Strom Thurmond and scratch our heads at the takeover of the GOP by folks that, well, just seem far more the old good boys than the Republicans we were promised.  We would run to the other party, but the Obama liberals are running that one.  So, we at VUI declared our independence.  That seemed to tick everyone off.  

But, what is going on ticks us off, politically.  We are mindful we got to be careful about saying that.  Another SC blogger got a visit from the fellas in blue over expressing his outrage a bit awkwardly.  Some jackasses out there blame law enforcement.  We do not.  It is the times we live in.  So, we will be clear, we at VUI do not roll that way. Like good Christians, we love the sinner, just hate the sin.  And, violence is something we just won't tolerate.    Our founding editor is an attorney, who despite his sense of humor, actually believes in that oath he took to defend and protect the constitution of this state and the United States.     The staff has family and dear friends who walk the line of law enforcement.  No blog out there stands more with law enforcement and non violence than VUI.  And, frankly put, this blog will defend the constitutional rights of President Obama and Governor Haley to hold their offices in a manner that protects their rights and their families' rights to safety, no matter how much we might disagree with them on this or that issue.
That said, we do tell it like it is, entertain and make people laugh out loud. After all, what's a broke lawyer, an old football coach,  a couple of geezers and cancer patient fighting for his life got to lose in trying to make a point now and then and give people a smile?    

That said, the Democrats have thrown one helluva a political punch via youtube.  (That is reference is to our love of boxing and in no way implies that we intend to ever throw any punches at anyone...the broke lawyer insisted that be said. :) )  Here is the video that some young kid Democrat in the Lowcountry supposedly done.  It, again, in a boxing metaphor, hits hard.  Watch it and let us know what you think. 


  1. F U RINO all the way to Hell

  2. Couldn't have said it better.

    Polluted Political Paradise....that's SC.

  3. Brian McCarty, you are a loser, and never was wannabe. You are so jealous of the Indian in Cheif.