Wednesday, April 27, 2011

History lesson Tea Party

One things that really bugs VUI about the “Tea Party” in this state and in this nation is their lack of willingness to sacrifice for the country. Indeed, people who most likely have never read the constitution they claim to love take to the streets to protest the first African American President of the United States and fight for the right of the rich not be taxed 39% instead of 37%. It is strange situation, made even more strange by people using the world “Tea Party” to convey their ideals that are well paid for by moneyed interests. (RINO alert: This is not Reagan’s of Goldwater’s GOP any more.)

Let’s be clear. The Founding Fathers, those who dared to signed the Declaration of Independence were men of influence and wealth in their time. If they were worried about protecting their own interests and defending themselves against the masses, signing up for the American Revolution would not have crossed their minds. Instead, they dared to build a nation of freedom. And, for that, many of them sacrificed their wealth and even their lives to do so. Others in their generation followed suit. So many of the men that are honored today as great patriots died broke.

They were followed by other great Americans, who died and killed for the United States in all our wars. Those great Americans are joined by those who gave up possible personal wealth, such as Ronald Reagan, to engage in the political arena for what they believed in.

Such notions seem lost today. While in the past, political activists and patriots would give all that they had for the nation, now the game has changed. Far too many of those who shape political opinions and opine for those in power are paid very well by moneyed interests who have no desire to sacrifice, but instead want government at all levels to their bidding. Far too many candidates and holders of office, in both parties, are just puppets of those who pay for their campaigns, or in the case of SC General Assembly members, handsome consulting fees.

It is the selfish and ignorant culture that we live in now. People are whipped into a frenzy that makes little sense. Well paid activists organize “rallies” in the name of the “Tea Party” to oppose things like minimal tax increases on the wealthy, exploiting every bias of any kind to do so. It is disgusting to those of us who really believe in the American ideals of freedom and liberty. Because true patriots to this nation know that loving this country means sacrificing something. And, it also means actually reading and understanding the constitution that one claims to love.

But, that is not the case today. Too many of us look to be pleased and ignore the true sacrifice of those who serve in the armed forces or the like. “Just don’t make me pay more taxes,” a good many cry out. The sad truth is many of those rallying against such would not even under the most liberal of tax plans. Their ignorance makes standing for limited government hard to do to people with sense.

And, it also is an insult to the Founding Fathers, and those who first flew that “Don’t Tread on Me” flag. Do not get VUI wrong. There are things to be angry about. Spending your life paying health insurance premiums and having a government that works to make sure you still owe tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills with coverage is one of them. Having a President who claims to be for average folks doing the bidding of insurance companies by making you have health insurance or face the IRS is another. We at VUI get the anger.

The problem is the Tea Party does not get the anger. Rallying for the elite does not make America free, and it does not stimulate the economy. Mexico tried that. See how that is working out for them.

Indeed, to truly bring America back, there must be sacrifice. And, that sacrifice ought not just be on the backs of the elderly and the poor. The super rich should have to pay their two percent more in income taxes. If they do not like that, they can invest in capital investment and create jobs, where the capital gains tax is lower.

If you want to take the streets to oppose that, so be it. But, chances are you are cutting your own economic throat just to show you don’t like who is President. If you are going to that, those of us who know the sacrifice of our Founding Fathers respectfully request you stop using the “Don’t Tread on Me Flag.” That flag is reserved for people who gave to this country.


  1. A Ronald Reagan-Caroll Carroll Campbell Republican here (so not a tea partier). I assume you consider yourself the same thing. But you said in your post:

    "The super rich should have to pay their two percent more in income taxes."

    This is not a statement that represents the ideals of Reagan conservatism. It's also not typical of what we would call mainstream Republican thought.

    If you don't mind me saying, your post reads more like you've got some bitterness towards certain activists you are wanting to get off your chest. I'm afraid that might be coloring your commentary in a way that makes you sound more like a mainstream Democrat than a mainstream Republican.

  2. Brian,
    Please take the FairTax Banner off of your site. You obviously do not comprehend the effects of the income tax on economic liberty, which was the objectives for which our forefathers fought and risked their lives and fortunes. Currently the top 1% earn 20 % of all income and pay 40% of all income taxes, but it is not the share of taxes paid that is important, it's the principal that government is entitled to the fruits of your labor before you provide for your own well being and that of your family. If they can take 39% they can take 100%

  3. R. Brian McCartyApril 27, 2011

    Jack, I won't because I am for the elimnation of federal income taxes to replaced by sales tax.

    But, frankly there is no political will for that. Restoring the income taxes to the amounts Ronald Reagan cut them to seems sensible. No one is considering the old rates before Reagan. That's remarkable in public thinking when you think of it.