Friday, April 01, 2011

The Lowcountry blogger scandal

Sources and emails obtained by VUI seem to point to the notion that a South Carolina Governor isn’t alone in seeming to be unable to “get over” a certain Lowcountry blogger who now is rumored to be engaged and off the radar.  The scandals around the Lowcountry blogger continue to mount.

“I never seen anything like it,” said one insider, who said his wife would divorce him if she knew the true nature of his relationships with various members of the General Assembly, “that Lowcountry blogger will do things that I just won’t do.  He has not only the Governor desperate, but members of the General Assembly.  He knows where the bones are buried and where to bury his bones.”

Another longtime observer of Columbia politics, said, with a laugh, “So now that guy has a Governor trying to keep him close with a job or political appointment.  Others have tried but that blogger is just a player cold with his game.”

All sorts of rumors surround possible positions for the Lowcountry blogger in the Columbia area.  Some even whisper about him as a dark horse for the GOP Chairmanship, so he can be held close to those who want him and worry about him at the same time.

That led another GOP veteran to sigh, “That guy could bring it all down. We are trying to find him something to appease him.  With all he knows and who he knows in a biblical way, we can’t let the media hear his story and you need to be quiet on this one.  Why do you want to even write about this?  Are you jealous?”

Even VUI and the liability lawyer that advises us are a bit afraid of the Lowcountry blogger.  We won’t mention his name.  But, in fairness, we did try to talk to him recently.  We reached him via mobile phone.  He answered by saying, not “hello,” but with “I didn’t do it.”  As we tried to question him, he faded in and out, but we understood he was somewhere in rural Horry County.  He said something about questions about his personal life and a horse or strippers or a stripping horse, or something like that.  One quote was clear, “You pursue this you will wish you were a catfish in Jim Clyburn’s backyard.”  Then he faded in out with words like “strippers” and “Columbia” and “peach preserves” being noted. There was something about “been there, done that.”  The rest was incoherent as the mobile signal faded out into the rural Horry County Spring night.

Repeated attempts to reconnect with the blogger were unsuccessful.  Which puts us at VUI in good company when you consider all those who seem to be trying to reconnect with him.  Is the Lowcountry blogger in question the most dangerous man today in South Carolina politics? Or are those who are afraid of him fools?  Who knows?  One thing is for sure, you can bet someone will be digging for the answers. 


  1. Mr. McCarty, you are throwing rocks while you live in a glass house. Your file is so interesting to read and maybe it is time we post things from it on a blog of our choosing.

  2. "Teddy Bear" not for sale

  3. folks is from columbia

  4. I caught him with a horse. Or maybe it was Jim Clyburn. You know they do look a lot alike.

  5. Name names.

  6. Well WillieApril 02, 2011

    McCarty seems to have envy. Somebody unleashed a bigger whopper with cheese than he has.

  7. I cna niether confirm nor deny that operatives groundsquirrel or treefrog have an involvement with activities related to the Governor, Wil Folks, Larry Marchant, Mike Reino, Robert Barber, Kevin Greene, Danny Ford, David Wilkinson or SC1981.