Thursday, June 16, 2011

Atheists and others need to get over it

 We at VUI believe in freedom of religion and freedom from religion.  What goes on in Utah, with the Mormans knowing house by house who is a member of their church and not is apalling.  That said, equally appalling is the minority religious beliefs that think they can dictate culture. 

In the South, even the town drunk pays respect to God at the ball game when prayer is offered. He is not worried about the dollar or so spent of his tax money to allow the prayer.  But, the yankee athesist is.  Such folks get all bent out of shape, threaten to sue already suffering public schools, all in the name of their No God. 

Fair enough, I suppose.  But, it does make us at VUI wonder at the arrogance of those who claim to not believe in God or be so offended by the Christian religion.  Here is why.  Say you are at a high school football game.  A prayer before the game is offered.  You do not have to join.  Frankly no one really notices if you do not join.  The vast majority in this democracy of ours embrace such.  If you do not, frankly no one cares.  We at VUI have been at hundreds of high school football games over the years, and searched the internet.  We can not find anything legitmitate about someone being harassed for not praying.

But, you self righteous types come along and you believe the freedom of the vast majority of people to say a prayer is not near as important as you not having to hear it.  Further, some of you think that your religious beliefs entitle you to skirt common sense laws like pictures for drivers licenses.  It is pure arrogance and a sense of self importance.  We do have religious freedom in this country,and freedom from religion, and that also means freedom from religion, including atheism, that a minority would put on the rest of us.  Your freedom ends where others liberty begins. Life is not Burger King, where you can get it your way everytime.

Think a bit on it.  If you believe that my religious beliefs are so wrong you have to punch me in the nose, your freedom to believe that ends where my liberty to have my nose left alone begins.  Such a theory expands.  If the vast majority want to acknowledge some prayer at a football game or the like, what right, and what arrogance, do you have to tell folks in a free democracy they cannot?  Further, we live in a land in which you can sit silent, not go to church, etc.  That is the freedom.  If you doubt that, try the ideals of some of those on the left taking over the places like Egypt.  They would execute you for not agreeing with them on religion.  And, the same folks who worry about prayers at ball games here think those folks are for freedom.  It would be laughable if it were not so real.

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  1. you are sending a mixed message. as a believer in personal freedoms I totally agree with much you have to say about leaving stuff the hell alone. but then again, you also have to leave the 'atheists' alone as well.
    Prayer in public schools is, in fact, propaganda to impressionable children about the role of god in their life if they are expected or even subtly pressured to regard it as expected. If most of a class says a prayer out loud, the peer pressure to follow along is a blatant challenge to the paren't right to raise their children with or without any faith that they feel is appropriate.

    I am a 'yankee athiest'as you so put it, and I am constantly bombarded by 'mormon pressure' since I live in salt lake city. Do I have no rights to be left alone and not be subtly pressured into believing the predominant faith dynamic?

    Truthfully, I support local standards, and if the vast majority of responsible people want to pray in public, I would prefer to go ahead and follow their social values or simply leave. But the 'freedom to leave' has been denied by a brutal job market and oppressive federal government and thus I cannot choose to go someplace else and settle down among others who represent social values more in line with my own. So, I think, in this case, telling EVERYONE to 'keep it private' is about the only way to ensure that people are not exposed to excessive peer pressure that violates their rights as humans to think and do as they like in the privacy of their own homes.