Friday, April 29, 2011

Perhaps these legislators need to be unemployed

Tea Party and big money special interests scared the Republicans who voted against keeping South Carolina's word to Amazon.  Democrats seized on an opportunity to embarrass the GOP. Whatever the reason for their cowardice in voting against keeping South Carolina's word to a big business investor, the legislators below made clear that South Carolina is closed to outside business, unless of course, you can threaten to spend money in their primary races.  

Tis the era of political opportunists and cowards we live in.  Glen Beck showed on his television show footage of how people let a South Carolina man just die on the streets of New York.  That is our culture.  And, the folks below showed it more than ever.  Let's be frank.  People will buy from Amazon and other online retailers as they have.  South Carolina could have had thousands of jobs.  But, no, the folks listed below did not want to face a Tea Party challenge and/or wanted to exploit politics.  So, people lost those jobs.  South Carolina lost the millions in revenue.  But, hey, Governor Haley and the Tea Party are happy and so are Democrats jockeying for political position. Having the guts to stand up for the people does not even make a blip on those folk's radar.  Besides, most of them have daddy's money and contacts to save them from finding a way to pay the rent or the electric bill.  

One thing is for sure, the era of giants like Carroll Campbell bringing in outside investment are over.

P. Agnew, D-Abbeville, T. Alexander, D-Florence, K. Allen, D-Greenville, C. Anderson, D-Georgetown, M. Anthony, D-Spartanburg, L. Barfield, R-Horry, E. Bedingfield, R-Greenville, E. Bikas, R-Pickens, D. Bowen, R-Anderson, W. Bowers, D-Hampton, R. Brown, D-Charleston, W. Chumley, R-Spartanburg, A. Clemmons, R-Horry, T. Corbin, R-Greenville, K. Crawford, R-Florence, W. Crosby, R-Charleston, F. Delleney, R-Chester, C. Dillard, D-Greenville, T. Edge, R-Horry, S. Erickson, R-Beaufort, L. Funderburk, D-Kershaw, W. Gilliard, D-Charleston, J. Govan, D-Orangeburg, D. Hamilton, R-Greenville, N. Hardwick, R-Horry, G. Hearn, R-Horry, P. Henderson, R-Greenville, D. Hiott, R-Pickens, W. Hixon, R-Aiken, J. Horne, R-Dorchester, L. Hosey, D-Barnwell, L. Howard, D-Richland, J. Jefferson, D-Berkeley, K. Johnson, D-Clarendon, J. King, D-York, H. Limehouse, R-Charleston, D. Long, R-Lancaster, P. Lowe, R-Florence, J. Lucas, R-Darlington, P. McCoy, R-Charleston, J. McEachern, D-Richland, D. Moss, R-Cherokee, E. Munnerlyn, D-Marlboro, C. Murphy, R-Dorchester, W. Nanney, R-Greenville, J. Neal, D-Lancaster, R. Norman, R-York, P. Owens, R-Pickens, S. Parker, R-Spartanburg, J. Parks, D-Greenwood, L. Pinson, R-Greenwood, M. Pitts, R-Laurens, T. Pope, R-York, K. Ryan, R-Georgetown, W. Sandifer, R-Oconee, J. Simrill, R-York, G. Smith, R-Sumter, G. Smith, R-Greenville, J. Smith, R-Aiken, B. Taylor, R-Aiken, A. Thayer, R-Anderson, D. Tribble, R-Laurens, T. Vick, D-Chesterfield, T. Viers, R-Horry, J. Weeks, D-Sumter, J. Whipper, D-Charleston, W. White, R-Anderson, W. Whitmire, R-Oconee, R. Williams, D-Darlington, M. Willis, R-Greenville, T. Young, R-Aiken

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Governing under the influence?

We at VUI have been bombarded with reports from folks that said they saw firsthand Governor Haley getting drinks at Hilton Head Island last weekend during the golf event there.  Yawn.  Now, other blogs and others are saying members of Haley’s security detail were getting drinks for her and her party.  Some folks out there are really upset with that rumor.

We at VUI are not. What we are upset is with the notion that drinking causes Nikki Haley to make boneheaded decisions such as breaking the state’s word with Amazon and placing her husband on a committee to select the next SLED chief.  Don’t go blaming that kind of thing on strong drink.  Next thing you know Haley will have rumors she was in the liquor cabinet when she fired Darla Moore from the University of South Carolina Board of Trustees.  If Haley endorses Donald Trump for President the legislature might have to step in and ban all hard drink from the Governor’s Mansion.

Here is why we at VUI don‘t worry so much about strong drink and political leaders.  Though the late Strom Thurmond never took a drink, most of the giants in South Carolina politics have.  Indeed, James F. Byrnes, perhaps the most influential South Carolinian to ever live, with his roles in the US Senate, as Secretary of State, as Supreme Court Justice and close adviser to both Presidents Roosevelt and Truman, and late in life Governor of South Carolina,  was known to cry out to his wife, “Maude, get me a drink” when something flabbergasted him.  But, whatever he drank, he had some good sense on matters.

So have so many other Governors and state legislators.  Governors and legislators from this state have drank a shot right before they attended church on Sunday morning.  They have used their SLED details to get them a drink or drive them home.  Some folks close to them see them as the choice of the people and help them through their vices because of the stress of the jobs they hold.  Others see it as simple duty.  People called such things the good ole boy system.  And, like it or not, it produced some leaders who did some good things for this state and it also enabled some folks who had no business with public power.  But, it was what it was.

The problem Governor Haley faces and why so many get so upset over such side issues is that she campaigned saying she would be so different.  Governor Haley’s campaigned created a higher standard she has to live up to.  Let’s be frank and fair.  If Henry McMaster or Gresham Barrett had won the GOP nomination and the Governor’s office, someone fetching them a drink would not make anyone‘s, even the bloggers’ political radar.  But, Haley was nominated and elected as the wronged woman who was good and pure and who wanted to do right.  Now, she has to live up to that standard she created more than anyone could imagine.  That is the reality of politics.

But, again we at VUI say, with some personal knowledge of the subject, one can not blame strong drink on really stupid stuff.  It is easy to.  It is easy to have people do it for you.  But, in the end, mistakes are all your own.  We all would love to blame some guy named Jack Daniels for our mistakes, but we can not. And, when history shows that previous holders of your office were drunker than a Talladega race fan and made sounder decisions, you got to rethink how you are doing things.   Think on it.  Winston Churchill stayed drunk on brandy most of his life according to anti alcohol advocates, but he saved the free world.  Abraham Lincoln, according to some, was fond of whiskey with water, and it was even served to him when he briefly sat in the Southern White House in Richmond.  Franklin Roosevelt liked his martinis.  Harry Truman had to have his “eye opener” every morning which was a shot of bourbon.  Even Ronald Reagan liked a “cold beer.”  So this notion of a leader drinking making them not able to do the job is incorrect.

But, drinker or no drinker, Haley is nowhere near that class of leader.  As such, the great drinking leaders who actually served the people should not be insulted by those who contend that whatever the Governor drinks or does not drink makes her make such boneheaded decisions in office.

And, people should give those security folks around the Governor a pass.  Those folks are doing their jobs.  Sometimes those jobs are not pretty.  But, we the people of South Carolina, elected those they are charged to serve and protect.  Give them a break. Those folks are just doing their jobs.  Whether or not Governor Haley is doing her job is something we all can judge come 2014. But, her SLED protective detail ought to be left out of the political debate.  They are just doing their duty, like so many before them have. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

History lesson Tea Party

One things that really bugs VUI about the “Tea Party” in this state and in this nation is their lack of willingness to sacrifice for the country. Indeed, people who most likely have never read the constitution they claim to love take to the streets to protest the first African American President of the United States and fight for the right of the rich not be taxed 39% instead of 37%. It is strange situation, made even more strange by people using the world “Tea Party” to convey their ideals that are well paid for by moneyed interests. (RINO alert: This is not Reagan’s of Goldwater’s GOP any more.)

Let’s be clear. The Founding Fathers, those who dared to signed the Declaration of Independence were men of influence and wealth in their time. If they were worried about protecting their own interests and defending themselves against the masses, signing up for the American Revolution would not have crossed their minds. Instead, they dared to build a nation of freedom. And, for that, many of them sacrificed their wealth and even their lives to do so. Others in their generation followed suit. So many of the men that are honored today as great patriots died broke.

They were followed by other great Americans, who died and killed for the United States in all our wars. Those great Americans are joined by those who gave up possible personal wealth, such as Ronald Reagan, to engage in the political arena for what they believed in.

Such notions seem lost today. While in the past, political activists and patriots would give all that they had for the nation, now the game has changed. Far too many of those who shape political opinions and opine for those in power are paid very well by moneyed interests who have no desire to sacrifice, but instead want government at all levels to their bidding. Far too many candidates and holders of office, in both parties, are just puppets of those who pay for their campaigns, or in the case of SC General Assembly members, handsome consulting fees.

It is the selfish and ignorant culture that we live in now. People are whipped into a frenzy that makes little sense. Well paid activists organize “rallies” in the name of the “Tea Party” to oppose things like minimal tax increases on the wealthy, exploiting every bias of any kind to do so. It is disgusting to those of us who really believe in the American ideals of freedom and liberty. Because true patriots to this nation know that loving this country means sacrificing something. And, it also means actually reading and understanding the constitution that one claims to love.

But, that is not the case today. Too many of us look to be pleased and ignore the true sacrifice of those who serve in the armed forces or the like. “Just don’t make me pay more taxes,” a good many cry out. The sad truth is many of those rallying against such would not even under the most liberal of tax plans. Their ignorance makes standing for limited government hard to do to people with sense.

And, it also is an insult to the Founding Fathers, and those who first flew that “Don’t Tread on Me” flag. Do not get VUI wrong. There are things to be angry about. Spending your life paying health insurance premiums and having a government that works to make sure you still owe tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills with coverage is one of them. Having a President who claims to be for average folks doing the bidding of insurance companies by making you have health insurance or face the IRS is another. We at VUI get the anger.

The problem is the Tea Party does not get the anger. Rallying for the elite does not make America free, and it does not stimulate the economy. Mexico tried that. See how that is working out for them.

Indeed, to truly bring America back, there must be sacrifice. And, that sacrifice ought not just be on the backs of the elderly and the poor. The super rich should have to pay their two percent more in income taxes. If they do not like that, they can invest in capital investment and create jobs, where the capital gains tax is lower.

If you want to take the streets to oppose that, so be it. But, chances are you are cutting your own economic throat just to show you don’t like who is President. If you are going to that, those of us who know the sacrifice of our Founding Fathers respectfully request you stop using the “Don’t Tread on Me Flag.” That flag is reserved for people who gave to this country.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SC "Home Rule" does not give open and limited government

Around forty years ago, the South Carolina General Assembly, controlled by big government Democrats, created an idea called “Home Rule.” The act they passed created county councils in all 46 counties in South Carolina and gave the control over local government affairs, including spending and taxes at the county level.

It was appealing then and appealing now. Indeed, even the State newspaper has recently opined about how great it is that Governor Haley and her supporters in the legislature worked together to make sure that some employee of a local government entity like a watershed commission could not run for that office. Such sounds good. But, actually, there are the basic costs of county government to consider and even more basic political concerns.

First, lets take a look at what has happened under so called “Home Rule.” While those of us who are conservative have always believed that states have rights and that states have the right to rule their own states with the least federal government interference, the fact stands that within a state, local rule is not always the most efficient. Indeed, since the so called “Home Rule” legislation nearly forty years ago, the taxes on the people and the spending of county governments has increased nearly 1000% in real dollars. Indeed, in South Carolina, no government entity has grown as much over the past forty years as much as county governments.

There is a reason for that. The folks elected to county level councils, God Bless them, are the B-team of politics. As such, they have to deal with things like “slush funds” in some counties for things like roads and recreation. Over the past forty years, the basic needs of political patronage have transcended party labels and has enabled county government cost and taxes to grow at an incredible rate. There is nothing to celebrate with the hard cold facts. People pay more for county government and more in county taxes than ever before and pay so much more under so called “Home Rule” then they ever did when legislative delegations controlled such things.

So does the state. The state has something called the “local government fund” that comes from sales taxes. That fund has continued to grow, even in bad economic times. It is a much bigger part of the state budget than anyone ever thought some forty or so years ago when “Home Rule” was voted on.

But, we do live in a world of political ignorance. While those of us who are constitutional conservatives believe that the federal government’s role should be limited, it can not be helped but to be noted that the role of county governments within our state has cost us more money than ever expected.

And, with Haley’s bill about the Aiken County Watershed Commission, it helps local politics. Make no mistake about it. Though various local officials elected might be the “B-team” of politics, those elected to the State House and State Senate worry about facing them. Slapping down employees of things like Water Commissions, and teachers from running for local school boards, or county employees from running for county council limits the average man or woman from seeking office. It leaves office to those who have means outside of working for a living. It leaves running for office to those who have money in their pocket already and who do not work for a living.

Add the increasing costs of so called “Home Rule” over the past forty years with that notion of working people not being able to seek office, and it is hard to see how such can be applauded as being for the people. Indeed, it seems Haley’s legislation championed by The State shuts working folks out of the political process and embraces the big government liberal ways of liberal government to make it costly to the taxpayer and limited to be run by those who can afford to not work to run for the jobs.

Think on it. So called “Home Rule” costs people more local property taxes than ever. Now, hard working employees of local government entities are barred for running for office. Please tell VUI how that is open, honest or conservative.

Friday, April 22, 2011

No Good Friday courage found in SC Tea Party politics

We at VUI made our position about the courage of Jesus Christ quite clear with our post about his courage.  Discussing the courage of Christ is a staple of VUI when Good Friday comes around.  But, politics still abounds in this state.

And, in politics, even so called Tea Party folks lack real courage.  Sure, they go on about so called openness in things like roll call voting for the members of the General Assembly.  Veterans of the legislative process tell VUI that such things will drag out the legislative process even more and cost taxpayers even more money in time spent on legislative pay and per Diem expenses.

Such things are debatable.  What is not debatable is that calling for openness and limiting it to roll call voting does little to really open up what goes on in the South Carolina General Assembly.  If folks really want openness in the General Assembly, they should demand that members of the South Carolina House and South Carolina Senate make public their tax returns.

Members of the United States Congress have do so.  Members of the South Carolina General Assembly do not.  Some folks argue that the wealth or lack of wealth by members should not be considered.  Broke as we at VUI are, we understand some points of that argument.  However, by not having to show their tax returns to the state, members of the South Carolina House and Senate can take “consulting fees” or other types of fees from businesses and other entities who have business with the state and not disclose such.

Governor Nikki Haley provides a great example.  As a member of the South Carolina House, Governor Haley received a rather handsome sum to “consult” for the firm Wilbur Smith.  Fair enough, we suppose. But, Haley’s consulting issue is the tip of the political iceberg, so to speak.  Countless members of the SC House and SC Senate take consulting fees for this and that and do not have to disclose them.  Indeed, in their official biographies, members list themselves as attorneys and businessmen, without having to disclose just who pays them.

Both Republicans and Democrats benefit from not having to disclose who pays them money for whatever.  The people of South Carolina lose.  And, that is where the Tea Party activists are getting rolled.  Sure, some legislators are all too eager to disclose their roll call votes, but not their income tax returns and who pays them. Some of the ones most vocal for the roll call votes are most protective of not disclosing their income sources.

What is frustrating and even irritating is that Tea Party activists, who claim to be for openness, seem to not question the incomes of members of the General Assembly who give them lip service on pet issues that really do not matter.  Even more insulting to South Carolinians who need work is the so called Tea Party activists actually spending money to try to keep thousands of jobs from coming to the Midlands of South Carolina via an distribution center.  Again, just follow the money and the politics.  Never before in any state have so many so called Republicans worked against a big economic investment.  Indeed, had this brand of Republicans been running South Carolina in the late 1980s, they would have told BMW to go elsewhere to be open, all the while not disclosing who got paid what by whomever to keep them out.

If people really want to reform South Carolina politics, then they should demand members of the General Assembly and all Constitutional officers  to make public their tax returns so the people can see who pays them whatever and judge whether or not they do the bidding of narrow interests in exchange for payments for so called services rendered.

Of course, calling for that will tick powerful people off, including those who clamor for so called reform.  Frankly, we at VUI worry a lot less about who votes for what on some roll call record when so many are getting paid consulting fees and other fees by those with vested interests in state government.  Real reform starts with every member of the General Assembly, and every Constitutional officer, including the Governor, disclosing fully who pays them personally and who funds their campaigns and organizations who support them.  If we are to be a truly courageous and open state, then we must open all the books for all to see, and that includes tax returns and opening up to everyone every penny that is paid in consulting fees or campaign contributions to every holder of state office and every entity that tries to influence state politics.

If the Tea Party activists won’t call for that, then all they are is just pawns in the political game and worthless to the people of South Carolina.  

The courage of Jesus Christ

He was a teacher. He was a humble preacher. He was the son of God Himself. The Roman Empire, the power of the day, reluctantly sentenced the humble teacher and preacher to death.

So the humble man went forward to die for our sins. Your sins and mine were washed away with the sacrifice of the humble son of God.

Think about that man and that day long ago. The Son of God humbled himself and had to courage to go through the torture of crucifixion. Jesus Christ would be beaten, humiliated and nailed to a cross.

Think of that pain. There was the Son of God Himself, whipped by Roman soldiers, and after that whipping, Jesus carried the cross he would be nailed upon up Calvary.

Crucifixion was no merciful or quick death. The nails were driven coarsely through one hand and then the other, and then through the feet. The Son of God hung on that crossed and suffered. Then a thorn was put through his side and he was mocked as “King of the Jews” by the Roman soldiers.

How tempting it had to be to our Lord to call down a legion of angels and wipe out those who treated him so badly. Yet, our Lord did not do that. He knew he had to go through that humiliating death to wipe our sins clean with his blood.

Think about what many of us would have went through. Would any of us go through such a painful ordeal for our fellow human beings? After standing and preaching for peace, Jesus met a cruel death. His death was made all that more cruel in that the people he came to save were the very ones who demanded his humiliating death.

What courage Jesus Christ had! Too often we forget the courage of Christ. The story of him taking a whip and running the money changers out of the temple is lost as well as the courage of Christ in his last day. He took a beating that many of us would cringe under. He took the pain of the nails into his flesh. He had the power to cry out to angels to end it, but he had the courage not to do so he could die on that dark day for our sins.

Today, this so called Good Friday, remember that brave man who took the beating and the humiliation so we all could have our sins washed clean in his blood, the blood of the lamb.

Sinner that I am, I am proud to proclaim my devotion to the man who gave up so much to save us all. It humbles my heart to think what Jesus endured for me and for us all. Jesus Christ is Lord, and it is a great thing! I proclaim him as my Lord and Savior without apology. If the PC crowd does not like that, well, I just don't care. Chirst had the courage to endure so much for me, and I just can not forget that.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

This and that

We had VUI have had a lot going on and took about a two week hiatus from posting.  Call it a vacation from blogging if you will.  But, over the past couple of weeks a good much has happened in politics, so in our return post we offer “this and that,”  some random thoughts on things going on.

First, let’s look at Libya.  The old strongman remains in power still despite the fact the United States and its allies have aided in the rebels with air strikes.  We joked a bit in the past about Toyota trucks in battle, but even we were taken a bit back recently when the rebels were given weapons and new Toyota trucks.  In other words, it looks like it is coming down to has the newer pickups and we are ready supply them.  It would be funny, but it’s true.  What is also true is the United States and its allies are spending millions fighting for rebels who really do not seem willing to fight for themselves.  One wonders where all the anti war protestors who gave former President Bush fits are in this fiasco of American diplomacy?  We have not seen the first “Hands off Libya” bumper sticker like the “Hands off Iraq” stickers that were on Volvos back in 2003.

That brings us to the President of the United States.  According to Gallup, President Obama’s approval rating is at 41%, the lowest of his Presidency.  It does not help matters for President Obama that he was heard whining about White House technology at fundraiser recently.  You might be losing your home and out of job, but hey the President can’t get the HD flat screen computer monitor he thinks he is entitled to.

But, just when one is ready to write Obama off, there are the Republicans.  House Republicans offered a courageous budget that cut the deficit, but their insistence on cutting tax rates for wealthy Americans overshadowed their thrifty ideas.  It gave Obama political life.

Also giving political life to President Obama is Donald Trump.  VUI has noted how weak the GOP Presidential field seems at this point.  (There is no Ronald Reagan out there.)  But, even we were shocked at how seriously people take television reality star Donald Trump as a Presidential contender.  Trump talks sense when he talks business.  But, his mouth can not shut there.  Trump’s moves to “prove” President Obama was not born in the United States are a waste of time and resources.  Trump’s picking a fight with entertainer Bill Cosby, a man known for urging personal responsibility and much more a family man than Trump, was strange.  Trump is one statement away from political disaster.  But his rise is an indicator of how weak the GOP field is to the 15 to 20 percent of middle of the road voters who actually decide who the next President will be.

In South Carolina, we learned that Governor Nikki Haley is all for creating jobs and cutting taxes, unless it means not taxing products sold from a proposed distribution center in Lexington County.  Supposedly 3000 jobs could be created by Amazon but Haley’s staying loyal to old Lexington friends, which seems to be her core belief. Haley did indicate if the legislature gave Amazon a break she would not veto or sign it.   That is not the stuff Vice Presidential candidates are made of.  Haley’s focus seems to get narrower and narrower as her term develops and she seems to be already wearing summer flip flops, including signing another version of a bill out of Aiken County she previously vetoed.  Also, after vowing in her campaign not to cut Medicaid benefits, Haley made a ceremony of cutting Medicaid payments.

Exiting the scene of power soon will be House Ways and Means Chairman Dan Cooper.  Governor Haley and Cooper are not fans of one another.  Last year, Cooper seemed to sleep walk through a closer than should be campaign against a young primary challenger.  Cooper announced this will be his last session as Chairman of Ways and Means, clearing the way for fellow Anderson County House member Brian White to take the job.  VUI guesses Cooper will not seek another term in the House, which will make the race for his seat a hot one in the GOP primary in 2012. Indeed, for the past 37 years, (16 for Dolly Cooper, Dan’s father and 21 for Dan), a Cooper has held the SC House District 10 seat.  But, District 10 has proven to be fluid over the past few years with new voters moving in.  Redistricting will make it even more fluid.

Finally, conservatives who want to and correctly want to cut the state budget here and there are all but ignoring the costs of the private school subsidy scheme.  When analysts pointed out it could cost the state $133.4 million when fully engaged, they ignored it.  So called conservatives are still pushing for the measure, and for good reason.  Hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars will flow to their campaigns for doing so.  But, subsidizing private entities, even private schools, is not the government’s business.  If Howard Rich and his allies believe so much that private schools are the answer for poor folks in bad public schools, then all they have to do is write checks to pay the tuition of those students.  Cut out the middle man.  Leave government out of it.  That is what real conservatives do.  Cut the crap.

That brings us to the nonsense of the federal government and our last item.  The United States Postal Service was caught using the image of an imitation Statue of Liberty on a recent stamp it presented to the public for sale.  The image was from an imitation statue at a casino in Las Vegas, not the real Statue of Liberty.  When caught, the Postal Service said they preferred the image of the fake.  That is outrageous but typical.  We in America and South Carolina seem to like the fake image over the real thing.  History, tradition, hard work, values, those things do not matter any more.  Our leaders, both right and left, thrive on our ignorance.  They pay people to craft their words and images so we make them our political idols while we sip our fake cokes and worry more about our votes for Dancing with the Stars or American Idol then who we vote for to take over a third of our income to pay back those who gave money to them.  No wonder the postal service got in on that gig.

That’s the this and that for now.  We are not dead yet, despite the rumors.  We plan to take on some big issues, such as who is teaching your kids, how your Representative and Senator votes, and a host of other things.  And, VUI is just fascinated with how secretive the Governor and other politicians who call for openness really are about themselves.  Time to have some fun.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

A good political punch from the Democrats

A good many of old South Carolina Republicans have longed for the days of Carroll Campbell and Strom Thurmond and scratch our heads at the takeover of the GOP by folks that, well, just seem far more the old good boys than the Republicans we were promised.  We would run to the other party, but the Obama liberals are running that one.  So, we at VUI declared our independence.  That seemed to tick everyone off.  

But, what is going on ticks us off, politically.  We are mindful we got to be careful about saying that.  Another SC blogger got a visit from the fellas in blue over expressing his outrage a bit awkwardly.  Some jackasses out there blame law enforcement.  We do not.  It is the times we live in.  So, we will be clear, we at VUI do not roll that way. Like good Christians, we love the sinner, just hate the sin.  And, violence is something we just won't tolerate.    Our founding editor is an attorney, who despite his sense of humor, actually believes in that oath he took to defend and protect the constitution of this state and the United States.     The staff has family and dear friends who walk the line of law enforcement.  No blog out there stands more with law enforcement and non violence than VUI.  And, frankly put, this blog will defend the constitutional rights of President Obama and Governor Haley to hold their offices in a manner that protects their rights and their families' rights to safety, no matter how much we might disagree with them on this or that issue.
That said, we do tell it like it is, entertain and make people laugh out loud. After all, what's a broke lawyer, an old football coach,  a couple of geezers and cancer patient fighting for his life got to lose in trying to make a point now and then and give people a smile?    

That said, the Democrats have thrown one helluva a political punch via youtube.  (That is reference is to our love of boxing and in no way implies that we intend to ever throw any punches at anyone...the broke lawyer insisted that be said. :) )  Here is the video that some young kid Democrat in the Lowcountry supposedly done.  It, again, in a boxing metaphor, hits hard.  Watch it and let us know what you think. 

Friday, April 01, 2011

The Lowcountry blogger scandal

Sources and emails obtained by VUI seem to point to the notion that a South Carolina Governor isn’t alone in seeming to be unable to “get over” a certain Lowcountry blogger who now is rumored to be engaged and off the radar.  The scandals around the Lowcountry blogger continue to mount.

“I never seen anything like it,” said one insider, who said his wife would divorce him if she knew the true nature of his relationships with various members of the General Assembly, “that Lowcountry blogger will do things that I just won’t do.  He has not only the Governor desperate, but members of the General Assembly.  He knows where the bones are buried and where to bury his bones.”

Another longtime observer of Columbia politics, said, with a laugh, “So now that guy has a Governor trying to keep him close with a job or political appointment.  Others have tried but that blogger is just a player cold with his game.”

All sorts of rumors surround possible positions for the Lowcountry blogger in the Columbia area.  Some even whisper about him as a dark horse for the GOP Chairmanship, so he can be held close to those who want him and worry about him at the same time.

That led another GOP veteran to sigh, “That guy could bring it all down. We are trying to find him something to appease him.  With all he knows and who he knows in a biblical way, we can’t let the media hear his story and you need to be quiet on this one.  Why do you want to even write about this?  Are you jealous?”

Even VUI and the liability lawyer that advises us are a bit afraid of the Lowcountry blogger.  We won’t mention his name.  But, in fairness, we did try to talk to him recently.  We reached him via mobile phone.  He answered by saying, not “hello,” but with “I didn’t do it.”  As we tried to question him, he faded in and out, but we understood he was somewhere in rural Horry County.  He said something about questions about his personal life and a horse or strippers or a stripping horse, or something like that.  One quote was clear, “You pursue this you will wish you were a catfish in Jim Clyburn’s backyard.”  Then he faded in out with words like “strippers” and “Columbia” and “peach preserves” being noted. There was something about “been there, done that.”  The rest was incoherent as the mobile signal faded out into the rural Horry County Spring night.

Repeated attempts to reconnect with the blogger were unsuccessful.  Which puts us at VUI in good company when you consider all those who seem to be trying to reconnect with him.  Is the Lowcountry blogger in question the most dangerous man today in South Carolina politics? Or are those who are afraid of him fools?  Who knows?  One thing is for sure, you can bet someone will be digging for the answers.