Friday, March 16, 2012

Ron Wilson revisted

Long time readers of this blog will remember we called out then Anderson County Councilman Ron Wilson as a different kind of RINO, and we outlined his racist ties that were never refuted. All kinds of things ensued, including death threats on our founding Editor, Brian McCarty, and some twisted media stories.

That is politics. That is life. But, what is happening now is just plain ugly with Mr. Wilson. Various news accounts, along with the Attorney General of South Carolina, accuse Wilson of swindling millions of dollars from investors.

It is alleged that Wilson, and his business took people's money to buy precious medals and did not do that, among other things. VUI is not shocked at the allegations. This blog, and its owner are sorry for the folks who invested in the business that seems to have lost their life's savings. And, we hope, should the allegations prove true, Wilson gets the full force of justice from the state and federal governments.

But, after what we went through with this guy, we are not shocked. Not shocked at all. It seems par for the course, so to speak.


  1. Sarah Palin Forever!March 17, 2012

    While I often give you Hell

    You were spot on about this bigot

    Those feeling remorse should include those people who voted for him

  2. How does it feel McCarty, to be a dead man walking?

  3. I wonder if he's willing to debate you now?